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What is Rescue Bach Flower Remedy? - PAZ BY NATURE

What is Rescue Bach Flower Remedy?

Rescue remedy is one of the remedies that is frequently needed,  it is the remedy for all emergencies and is therefore indicated whenever an emergency situation arises.
For example a panic, shock, mental numbness etc.

Rescue remedy is a combination of 5 from the 38 Bach Flower Remedies and it is called rescue remedy as the name suggest it helps to rescue the situation.
Obviously, it does not take the place of medical attention but if it helps to elevate the mental anguish, it enables the body’s own healing processes to begin without delay.

Rescue is also very calming in other situations, for example: during flights, visiting the dentist, taking an examination or before an important interview.

Rescue remedy can be taken orally and applied externally if needed.

Animals can also benefit Bach Flower Remedies and in particular rescue remedy.

The 5 remedies which are combined together to form the rescue remedy are:

  1. Star of Bethlehem – for a shock.

  2. Rock Rose – for fear and panic.

  3. Impatiens – for mental and physical tension if the sufferer cannot relax.

  4. Cherry plum – for loss of emotional control when the sufferer screams, shouts and becomes hysterical.

  5. Clematis – for the feeling of weakness, which may lead to faint.

Source- The Bach Flower Remedies step by step/Judy Ramsell Howard

Bach flower remedies

Bach Flower Remedies guide

Bach Flower Remedies guide

A healing system used to treat emotional problems.
The liquid remedies are made from the flowers of wild plants, bushes, trees and water.


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