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SWEET ORANGE - Citrus sinensis , Essential Oil Guide - PAZ BY NATURE

SWEET ORANGE – Citrus sinensis , Essential Oil Guide

Essential oil sweet orange is known for its uplifting and detoxifying effects.

This is a versatile oil that widely used, it has a cheering and familiar aroma and it enhances the feelings of well-being.

What are sweet orange essential oil benefits?

  1. Uplifting– enhances the feelings of well-being and conducive to a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Detox– orange essential oil has a detoxifying and cleansing effect throughout the body.
    In a massage blend, the oil helps to improve the circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, and supports the removal of toxins from the body.
    Supports health conditions: obesity, palpitations, water retention.
  3. Healing effect- the aromatic compound limonene attributes healing and effective antiseptic properties.
  4. Revitalizes the skin- sweet orange essential oil has slightly astringent properties that can help to clarify oily skin and brighten a dull complexion. It is also contributing to beautiful and healthy skin– in skincare, sweet orange essential oil helps to tone the skin, to promote the production of collagen and support the natural repair process of the skin.
    Prepare a relaxing bath that smooths and tones skin by blending 6 drops in 1 tbsp base oil and dispersing in a warm bath.
  5. Boosts immunity– help to relieve the symptoms of a feverish cold or flu virus due to its cooling and refreshing properties. Supports the immune system in conditions of colds and flu.
  6. Improves digestion– calms the digestive system, helping food to move efficiently through the gut, and in turn relieves constipation and trapped wind, and eases indigestion. Supports the digestive system in conditions of constipation, dyspepsia and spasm.
    As a massage oil to relieve nausea and indigestion- add 4 drops to 1 tbsp of base oil and massage the abdomen.
  7. Relieves anxiety – orange essential oil has a sweet, uplifting scent that can calm nervous tension, lift feelings of depression, and promote restful sleep in cases of insomnia.
    Especially effective to support the nervous system that suffers from stress-related conditions.


Actions: antidepressant, anti-inflammatory antiseptic, bactericidal, carminative, choleretic, digestive, fungicidal, hypotensive, sedative (nervous), stimulant (digestive and lymphatic), stomachic, tonic.

Sweet orange is non-toxic and non-irritant in dilution, sun reaction risk is limited because it is very little photosensitizing. For any case, it is better to avoid exposure to the sun during use.

The essential oil orange oil is cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit.

Colour: pale orange-greenish

Fragrance: sweet, fresh, and fruity, like the orange peel.

Botanical family: Rutaceae (citrus fruit)

The sweet orange essential oil is suitable for children from 3 years.


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