Sweet Almond Oil- Aromatherapy guide

Sweet almond oil or in its Latin name Prunus amygdalus dulcis, is a light all-purpose oil made from the seeds of the sweet almond tree. It is an oil that suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin and even suitable for babies and young children.
It nourishes the skin, helps soothe dry, irritated skin and prevent moisture loss.

How to use?

Use as a base for massage oil. It has a delicate aroma that not interfere with the aromatic oils.
Almond oil is gentle enough to use on babies and young children(for example, to treat a nappy rash or cradle cap).
Try to use as a makeup remover, it is beneficial for the skin and leaving it feeling smooth and supple.

What is the difference between sweet almond oil to bitter almond oil?

Bitter almond is an essential oil, used for its almond scent.
Sweet almond is a base oil for making creams, lotions, massage oil and many more.

Recommended almond oil

When you buy sweet almond oil look for the cold-pressed oil. it is a better option because the cold-pressed extraction process retains more vitamins, minerals and other components in the oil.

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