My 3 top tips: How to find your direction in life?


How to be real to yourself and really hear your inner voice, the voice which leads you to the place that you want to be.

Everyone has a dream.

We dream about how our life will look like from when we were children

Somewhere along the way we lose this inner voice and stop listening to it

And we start to walk the route that everyone else is walking 

Schools, careers, jobs and family which is great!

But, for every human being, there is something unique to give to this world.

I want to share you the steps that will help you see more clearly your purpose in life

give your life more meaning for your own uniqueness

Those steps are from my own personal experience.

And I truly hope that they will work for you as well they worked for me.

Achieving a dream takes a lot of time and effort
So be prepared to work on it!

and to be patient.


Let’s start

First, you need to start by feeling what is your dream.

What do you REALLY want to do in your life?

But wait, this is hard.
Not everyone has a clear idea of their dream.
Sometimes a person feels like there is something more than he needs to do in his life,
but does not really know what it is.

Take some time to see what you don’t like and try to keep your distance from those things in your life,

That’s the first steps to clear all the clouds around you and get a clearer idea of your life purpose.

Start to meditate

you don’t actually have to go to some peaceful place like this to meditate


you just need to set aside some quiet time for yourself, start from 5 minutes a day.

and really start clearing your mind from all the things that are bothering you

just practice breathing deeper with intention.

It is that easy

You need to work here with your imagination.

See all the negative and pessimistic thoughts disappears.

Replace them with optimistic ones.

Create new paths for yourself in life first and in your mind.

This step will give you the courage to do things and also helps to clear your mind
and to get a clear view of your route.

Take some steps toward your dream

So you found out what is your dream

But now what to do?

Know that it is never too late to start living your dream.

You just need to start with the first steps and the things will come to help you with the direction.

Show the universe your honest intention.

Speak with people who work in the field that you want and see how they started.

This will give you some inspiration.

take a class to be more educated in this field.

Explore it.

Read a book about it.

Start doing something in this particular direction.

This is the way to start rolling the wheels toward your dream!







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  1. Sara
    May 14, 2017 / 20:34

    Thanks in favor of sharing such a pleasant thinking, article is
    good, thats why i have read it completely

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