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How to plan a healthy diet with a food diary? - PAZ BY NATURE

How to plan a healthy diet with a food diary?

One of the best ways to help keep up your healthy diet is by writing a specific food diary and following up with small changes every time.
Once you are making these small changes it will be much easier to get used to following your new habits.

A food diary is a log of what you consume each day.

A food diary will help you follow up and get a “report” for all the information about the food you are eating and how you are feeling.
It can help you make changes to your diet and manage a healthy weight, discover food sensitivities, and figure out if one of the symptoms you may experience is related to your diet.

Writing a food diary is one of the first recommendations in any nutritional consultation.

You can share your food diary with your nutritionist or your doctor.

What are the most important things to mention in your food diary?

First start with this template, you can print this one or create your own

It is important to mention during the week all the meals you had and how you felt during the day.

Include meals, snacks, drinks.

List the amount of the food/drink item. 

You can include your health and lifestyle habits.

In particular mention: exercise, dips in energy, menstruation, digestion, a certain symptom of pain or health condition that is worsened or eased.

Be precise as you can, specifying what does the meal includes, for example: which veggies or fruits, type of bread or type of oil.
This is important if you are trying to figure out if you might have food sensitivities.

Important things to note

Your feeling:
If you are feeling stressed throughout the day it may be because of dips in energy.
Follow up with your food diary and notice if you had 3 meals a day and healthy snacks between them, this will keep your energy levels up and will prevent cravings for sugary snacks.

Note how much water you drink a day, or if any other drinks, and how much of it.

Gather the information and keep track at least for a month, this will help you to properly analyze your diet and make changes.


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