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Hello my dear readers, this time another inspirational travel blog for summer vacation- Israel.

I know Israel very good, I grow up here and I’ve been visiting in the places that I recommend on this post many times, so this review is a travel inspiration from a local.

Israel can seem complicated country to the world because of its political situation
But inside Israel, when you travel, you can see people from all religions who are living and working together.

We spent 3 weeks here so I decided to write 2 posts for the different areas that we visited.

Join me for Part 1 – North of Israel

The shoreline of Israel, from Rosh HaNikra to Haifa

The shoreline of Israel, from Rosh HaNikra to Haifa

We came to visit Israel during springtime – May/June.

Even though it is spring the weather feels like summer and it is very hot!

On our first day, we started with Rosh HaNikra

Rosh HaNikra is located on the border between Israel and Lebanon, in the Western Galilee.

It is a white chalk cliff face which opens up into spectacular grottos (sea caves).

Here are some pictures from the cliff and the grottos:

The grottoes

The grottoes were formed in the wake of underground shocks that ripped open gaps within the bedrock. Slowly, rainwater penetrated these rifts, forming tunnels and caves that continued to expand due to the waves that slammed against the rock.

To go inside the grottos, you need to travel by cable car


 If you see around you someone who sale Pita Zaatar Bread try it! It is DELICIOUS

Zattar is a typical herb in Israel.

Zattar is called also Israeli hyssop, this is one of the main herbs that found in the Zattar Mixture. 
Hyssop has many health benefits, It is effective in relieving respiratory problems, asthma, chronic bronchitis, congestion and phlegm.

Zattar / Israeli hyssop

Zattar / Israeli hyssop

From there we continued to Akko for lunch.

Akko is a beautiful ancient city.

It is recommended to read more about this city history before you travel there. There is a lot to see.

For lunch, I recommend you to go to eat hummus and choose the local places because they are really the best.

Don’t forget to visit the market.

 Haifa, metropolitan in the north district

Haifa is a big city with nice beaches and the beautiful famous gardens – Baha’i gardens.

If you will go in the morning hours you can join to a free guided tour of the Baha’i centre,
in which you learn more about the gardens and the Baha’i religion.

View of Haifa from the Bahai gardens


Check out Banias springs and the remains from the ancient periods.

Banias Waterfall

Banias Waterfall

The Roman and Byzantine city in Banias

The remnants of the temple of Pan with Pan's grotto, 3rd century BC.

The remnants of the temple of Pan with Pan’s grotto, 3rd century BC.

To finish the day we went to see the border with Surya from Merom Golan, Golan Heights

Coffee Annan, Merom Golan

Coffee Annan, Merom Golan

Merom Golan, Golan Heights

Merom Golan, Golan Heights

Until the next time,

Xx Paz


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