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Naturopathic Consultation

Our Therapist is a fully-qualified and registered Naturopath N.D. 

Naturopathic medicine is a natural approach to medicine that supports the natural healing strengths of the body to balance itself by addressing the root cause of problems.

Naturopathic medicine is an integrative, unique and powerful natural healing method.
It specializes in activating and vitalizing internal healing mechanisms prompting self-healing.

Naturopathy focuses on nutritional and physical factors, mental and spiritual aspects, habits and lifestyle.

Naturopathy treatment includes personalized and unique individual health habits, supporting vitality and wellbeing with a personalized Nutrition (supplements when needed), Herbal Remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy and Guided Imagery.

Each client is unique, after the meeting, you will get easy to follow guide with dietary and lifestyle advice, based on Naturopathy, which will provide you with the knowledge to make healthy choices each day.

First appointment

After you contact us, Pazit, our Naturopath will send you a contract and a detailed naturopathic questionnaire to fill and return as soon as possible before the consultation is due.

On the consultation, you will discuss in detail about your main health concerns, dietary habits and lifestyle factors.
and after the meeting, you will get a personal naturopathic plan tailored to your needs.

Also, you will get Bach flowers remedy / Aromatherapy remedy / Herbal tea that will support your condition.

You may also be referred to your GP for further investigations or tests.

Follow-up appointments 

In many cases, a follow-up consultation is recommended after 1 month in order to assess your progress and continue with any necessary changes.

Paz By Nature Clinic

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