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Bach Flower Remedies - PazByNature - PAZ BY NATURE

Bach Flower Remedies – PazByNature

Bach Flower Remedies are a unique healing system, they energetically balance emotions and improve the sense of well being.

Bach Flower Remedies were invented in England by Dr Edward Bach at the beginning of the 20th century.

“Treat the cause not the effect” 

“Health depends on being in harmony with our souls”  Dr Edward Bach

bach flower remedies

On this post, I will answer the following Questions:

  1. What are Bach Flower Remedies?

  2. In which cases the different 38 Remedies can help?

  3. Who can use Bach Flower Remedies?

  4. What is Bach Rescue Remedy?  

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

A unique system of healing that invented by Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936),
a conventional doctor, bacteriologist and homoeopath.

He developed his system of Remedies inspired by classical homoeopathic traditions.

The original remedies are still produced in the exact same way as they were produced by Dr Bach.

The 38 Flower Remedies can help to manage emotional imbalances
by replacing negative emotions with positive ones.

The Remedies are produced with the help of healing energies of NATURE: Flowers, Sun and Water.

In which cases the different 38 Remedies can help?

The 38 Remedies divided into 7 main Groups:

Each group includes different remedies that cover a specific difficulty who you can suffer from (1):

  1. Fears- 5 different remedies for different types of fears.
  2. Uncertainty- 6 distinct uncertainty remedies.
  3. Not living the present/ insufficient interest in direct circumstances- 7 remedies.
  4. Loneliness- 3 types of loneliness.
  5. Oversensitivity-4 remedies that deal with varying aspects of the problem.
  6. Despondency & Despair- 8 remedies for different emotional states.
  7. Overanxiety for others’ welfare- 5 remedies for different types of behaviours.

The 38 remedies and the aspects that they will support help to bring to a positive state

Agrimony hiding inner feeling behind a mask of a cheerful face
Aspen vague, unknown fears, with no apparent cause
Beech intolerance to others
Centaury the inability to say ‘no’
Cerato lack of trust in one’s own judgment and decisions
Cherry Plum fear of losing control over thoughts and actions
Chestnut Bud failure to learn from mistakes and repeated experiences
Chicory selfish, possessive love, demanding attention from others
Clematis dreaminess, lack of attention, failure to concentrate
Crab Apple the cleansing remedy, feeling mentally or physically unclean
Elm overwhelmed by responsibility caused by taking on too much
Gentian discouragement after even a minor setback
Gorse hopelessness and despair, deep depression
Heather excessive self –obsession, self-centeredness and self-concern
Holly feelings of hatred, envy and jealousy
Honeysuckle living in the past
Hornbeam mentally & physically exhausted at the thought of doing something
Impatiens impatience, desire to get things done quickly, impulsiveness
Larch lack of confidence
Mimulus fear & anxieties of known things
Mustard intense sadness for no reason that strikes and then goes
Oak who keeps going past the point of exhaustion
Olive deep inner tiredness, exhaustion following mental or physical effort
Pine guilt
Red Chestnut excessive concern for the well-being of loved ones
Rock Rose panic, extreme fear and fright
Rock Water inflexible, in a quest for self-perfection
Scleranthus inability to choose between alternatives
Star of Bethlehem shock, trauma
Sweet Chestnut extreme mental anguish, feeling lost and empty inside
Vervain over-enthusiasm, nervous tension, do not like to listen to advice
Vine dominance and inflexibility
Walnut support times of changes
Water Violet withdrawal from others, quiet self-reliance leading to isolation
White Chestnut persistent unwanted thoughts and mental arguments
Wild Oat uncertainty over one’s true path & direction in life
Wild Rose failing to take an interest in life, drifting, resignation, apathy
Willow self-pity and resentment, lack of fulfilment

Bach Flower Remedies - Energetic Therapy

Who can use Bach Flower Remedies?

The Bach Flower Remedies are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, elderly and even plants.

What is Bach Rescue Remedy?

Rescue remedy provide support at the time of emotional demand such as S.O.S situations

When you are feeling sudden panic, for example, before driving test, exams, fear from flights or anything that can trigger you to feel particularly nervous.

It contains flower essences: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum.


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