Aromatherapy Calming Bath Oil Recipe

Aromatherapy Bath Oil is a perfect way to relax, hydrate & nourish your skin, and to give yourself a nice break from a busy week.

Adding calming oils to a warm water soothes body & mind, add some scented Candles, Gemstones and a relaxing Meditation music and you will enjoy a perfect bath.

Aromatherapy Calming Bath Oil Recipe

  • Always dilute Essential Oil in a Base Oil before adding them to the bath.
    This helps the oils to disperse in the water and also moisturizes the skin.
  • Relax in the Bath for at least 15 minutes.
  • I always use cold-pressed Coconut Oil, when the weather is cold it is solid, so needed to melt it in Bain Marie before mix with the Essential Oils.
  • Use Natural Bath Foam & Soap especially when you use Essential Oils.

The Aromatherapeutic properties of certain oils work on both mind and body, helping to calm and balanced emotions and soothe skin.

Key Ingredients

Rose Absolute essential oil  – Calm the skin, Reducing redness and inflammation

Aromatherapy Calming Bath Oil Recipe Rose

Rose absolute oil is traditionally calming and uplifting and has anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties.

It works well for dry, hot, inflamed, or itchy skin. For preventing scarring, treating broken capillaries, and even for relieving stress.

Lavender Essential oil – Calming, Rejuvenating and Soothing effects

Aromatherapy Calming Bath Oil Recipe Lavander

Lavender Essential Oil eliminates nervous tension, relieve pain- ideal for bedtime Bath.

It also disinfects the scalp and skin, enhances blood circulation, and treat respiratory problems.

Good Luck making your own Bath Oil

x Paz


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