My name is Pazit, I’m a Naturopath based in London.

I studied Naturopathy in Tel Aviv, Israel and than moved to London to explore more about the world of Naturopathy and Natural Medicine.

Since I can remember, I have always loved to explore and learn new things.

I have always tried to do things on my own.

And I have always been interested in science, health, nature and well-being.

So when I considered my future profession it seemed natural for me to study something connected to science.

My journey began when I started to study Biotechnology engineering for almost two years
but I felt more and more unhappy with this choice.

I believe that science is amazing with its inventions and innovations.

I also believe that our body is the most powerful and unique machine that we have.

So my journey led me to study Naturopathy, Natural medicine.

The Naturopathy approach see the person as a whole meaning the spirit & body are united and both are part of the healing process.

I studied Naturopathy in Broshim, a campus of Natural Medicine at Tel Aviv University.

As part of the Naturopathic medicine studies, I learned about the wonderful nature and its gifts which help us take care of ourselves.

I’ve also learned about the importance of balance
and how we can improve our feelings and our bodies with our activities.

how to bring ourselves
to a better health in our body and mind
and how we can bring our body
into a state of balance, strength and good health.

naturopathic medicine, naturopathy

On this blog, I will share my tips and advice.

 With love, Pazit

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